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My Unique style and warm personality will create images that will melt your heart”


Firstly and most importantly thank you for taking the time to come and visit my page.

Iʼm Tom, but if you want, you can call me Thomas (my mother does).

Iʼve been a professional photographer now for 14 years. My unique style and warm personality will create images thatʼll melt your heart.
I have a huge amount of passion and experience in the industry having been taught by the legendary Frances Dumbleton.
I worked in Francesʼs studio for 7 years, and on average shot 750 shoots a year covering all aspects of photography, such as Family Portraits, Babies, Weddings, P.R, Fashion, Glamour, & Commercial.


These days weddings are my passion and 9 times out of 10 youʼll find me at a wedding any weekend anywhere in the world. If youʼve seen me at a wedding you will know and understand Iʼm like one of the guests, I chat to everyone and anyone, even the oldies who sadly canʼt get up from the chair.

I have old fashioned values, and it gives me so much pride and passion to be selected as your photographer, I will go to any length to get that perfect shoot. To me, at the end of the day if you are willing to trust and invest in me and my business, I will do my up most to make your experience as incredible as possible. My ever growing reputation and enviable client satisfaction now puts me in high demand for weddings, portraits and commercial photography.

Iʼve been fortunate enough to take weddings on all over the world, my first was in America (Ohio), in 2016 with a bride Iʼd never met till I landed in America. Since then Iʼve been to a number of countries which include Italy, Portugal, France, Poland & Spain to name a few.